The Art of Democracy Is a National Coalition of Art Exhibitions
on the Dire State of American Politics Scheduled for the Fall of 2008.

Using Craigs List to find artists who might join the Art of Democracy coalition or at least add their work to the Flickr Art of Democracy database.

prepared by DeWitt Cheng

Craigslist, is a free (unless you’re posting jobs) international electronic bulleting board based in San Francisco.
You will have to REGISTER in order to post, whether posting is offering anything from cinder blocks for free, to selling your car, to grousing about politics, to seeking persons of unusual sexual proclivities, to — oh — looking for political artwork. It’s been years since I did this, but I believe you’re asked for your name and e-mail address and a password. I believe CL sends you an e-mail within a few minutes. You may have to click on a link within that e-mail in order to activate your account.

Once activated, you can now LOG IN.

CHOOSE your LOCATION. If you’re cosmopolitan, you can see what’s happening in other cities; just click the appropriate venue on the right side of the home page. I believe that you could post for, say, Portland, from, say, New Hampshire, but you’ll probably be posting in your area alone. Remember, if you get confused, you can GO BACK by hitting the Left Arrow (<) in top left corner of home page.

1. Under community, click artists. (Do not click community, as this will lead you to, I think, a master page listing everything.) Up comes the artists classifieds page.
2. Click post in upper right corner.
3. Choose the category artists
4. Choose area nearest you. Post to one region only. As noted, posting will vanish in 7 days, so you may want to save this info where you can find it should you want to repost.
5. Which location fits best? Choose one if you have to. I think this is optional. See note about bypassing.
At last, we’re ready to post. See all those inviting green-titled fields? Just cut and paste.
6. Posting Title:
Seeking political art for internet forum/database
7. Posting Description: Below is the text we used in San Francisco. Feel free to borrow and adapt to your needs.

Stuff has happened to the US over the past six years. Art galleries, museums, and alternative art centers have largely been MIA on current politics, due to fundraising, rent-paying and other completely understandable (but not particularly praiseworthy) reasons, including esthetic myopia. Now a group of activist artists across the country has decided to provide a national alternative to mainstream magical thinking. The political art website will serve as a kind of US Museum of Political Art Without Walls.

Art of Democracy is looking for art about national politics — creative, uncompromising, provocative, and, above all, original. Please send jpeg submissions (max. dimension 800 pixels @ 72 dpi), along with details about the piece, a link to your website, and your e-mail address, to San Francisco artist Art Hazelwood at All entries with clear political content will be posted at

While a series of political art exhibitions is planned for Fall 2008 (election time) in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Muncie, San Diego, Oakland, Kingston RI and other venues (see, and organizers will be checking the webforum for interesting work, only a fraction of the posted artwork will be shown, due to space limitations. Our goal is to use the online forum to help create local centers of artistic political activity. We encourage artists to initiate independent local action — and to reach out to colleagues across the country.

8. Type in your e-mail address twice as requested.
9. To add the logo, click Add/Edit and paste in
10. Choose appropriate e-mail option. I picked the third, “do not show.” Also, I’d leave the “contact me” box unchecked.
11. Hit Continue.
12. Proof read
13. Type in “verification word”
14. Continue
15. Accept Terms of Use
CL will send e-mail. Admire and click on link to publish.


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